LuxFilmLab January - La Bête (The Beast)

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In premiere on Wenesday, 10th january at 8pm at Ciné Utopia, director Bertrand Bonnelo’s new movie, « La Bête » / “The Beast”, will plunge you into three different period of time, romantic drama, science-fiction and mystery.

Played by the magnetic Léa Seydoux, Gabrielle, the main character, is based on the adaptation of “The Beast in the jungle” written by Henry James

The film has been selected in official competition at Biennale de Venise last september.


In a near future dominated by artificial intelligence, human emotions have been deemed a threat. In order to purge hers and purify her DNA, Gabrielle must navigate her past lives to try to isolate the lingering pangs. There she finds Louis, her great love. But a terrible feeling invades her, a premonition that a catastrophe is coming.

The Beast then travels through three time periods, 1914, 2014 and 2044, moving from the Belle Epoque to the future, from Paris to Los Angeles, brilliantly combining romantic drama, science fiction and strangeness similar to Lynch identity.

A daring adaptation of Henry James’s novel, with a sci-fi hint as magnetic as its performers.

Tickets for the LuxFilmLab screening are available via the Kinepolis webshop at the regular rates of Ciné Utopia*.


About LuxFilmLab:

The first Wednesday of every month, LuxFilmLab – a joint initiative by Luxembourg City Film Festival and Kinepolis – highlights one feature film, chosen in cooperation by LuxFilmFest’s team and the Kinepolis programme team. A member of the Artistic Committee introduces the special LuxFilmLab screenings, with the aim of supporting films whose release dates didn’t allow for them to be selected for the Festival itself but whose artistic qualities would very likely have led to their inclusion in the LuxFilmFest line-up.

*LuxFilmFest isn’t involved in the commercial aspects of these screenings. Access to the screenings and ticket prices are set by Kinepolis.

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