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Kensuke's Kingdom (Le Royaume de Kensuké)

Kirk Hendry | Neil Boyle
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5-12 Animation 2023 84 min France, Luxembourg, United Kingdom
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A boy shipwrecked on an island discovers that he's not alone.

Michael and his family set off on the sailing trip of a lifetime, but excitement turns to terror when a violent storm washes him overboard. Michael finds himself stranded on a remote island, and quickly discovers that he is not alone: Kensuke, a hostile and elderly Japanese soldier, has lived there in isolation since World War II with a group of orangutans. Bit when the orangutans are threatened by illegal poachers, Michael and Kensuke must join forces to save their secret world.

With its stunning animation, Kensuke’s Kingdom wraps adult themes into a kid-friendly family adventure. Its heartwarming message about the importance of caring for other people, as well as for the environment, will resonate with audiences of all ages.


Accessible from 7 years and over


  • Sally Hawkins
  • Cillian Murphy
  • Raffey Cassidy
  • Aaron MacGregor
  • Ken Watanabe


  • Frank Cottrell-Boyce
  • based on the book Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo


  • Will Cohen


  • Stuart Hancock


  • Lupus Films
  • Kensuke’s Kingdom Limited
  • Melusine Productions
  • Le Pacte
  • Bumpybox


Friday 01 March 2024 09:15
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Lieux : Ciné Utopia
Audio : French
Subtitles :
Screening : School Screening
Sunday 03 March 2024 14:00
Talent présent  •  
Lieux : Ciné Utopia
Audio : English
Subtitles : French
Screening : Public Screening

Kirk Hendry

Kirk Hendry
Kirk Hendry

Kirk Hendry is an award-winning New Zealand-born, London-based filmmaker. He works in both live-action and animation, and in 2011 wrote and directed the animated short film Junk which received numerous awards. In 2023, he co-directed Kensuke’s Kingdom with Neil Boyle.


  • Kensuke’s Kingdom (co-directed with Neil Boyle) 2023
  • Junk (Kirk Hendry, short) 2011
  • Festival Road Trip (TV series) 2011
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Neil Boyle

Neil Boyle
Neil Boyle

Boyle is a director and animator with credits on productions including Love, Death + Robots (2018), Tom and Jerry (2019), The Simpsons (2014), and Space Jam (1996). His 2011 short animated film The Last Belle won Best Animation at the Rhode Island International Film Festival. In 2023, he co-directed Kensuke’s Kingdom with Kirk Hendry.


  • Kensuke’s Kingdom (co-directed with Kirk Hendry) 2023
  • Tom & Jerry 2019
  • Love, Death & Robots 2018
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