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Madame Luna

Daniel Espinosa
Human Rights & Society Crime & Thriller 2023 115 min Italy, Sweden, Denmark
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A politically-charged thriller about a human trafficker fleeing her past.

Almaz has made her way to a refugee camp in a southern Italian coastal town. But before her journey, Almaz was known as the formidable Madame Luna: a criminal operator from Eritrea who smuggled migrants for profit. Now amongst the passengers of a crossing that she helped to organize, Madame Luna has reverted to her birth name in the hopes of starting over. But Almaz finds that escaping the past is no easy task, and she is soon pulled into schemes equally as corrupt as the ones she left behind.

This heady character study of a callous and resourceful ex-criminal is intensified by Juan Sarmiento G’s immersive, hand-held camerawork. Screen newcomer Meninet Abraha Teferi delivers an exceptional performance as the titular character.


  • Meninet Abraha Teferi
  • Hilyam Weldemichael
  • Claudia Potenza


  • Suha Arraf
  • Maurizio Braucci
  • Daniel Espinosa


  • Juan Sarmiento G.


  • Rasmus Winther Jensen
  • Hans Möller


  • Jon Ekstrand


  • Momento Film


Saturday 09 March 2024 20:30
Lieux : Ciné Utopia
Audio : Italian, French
Subtitles : English
Screening : Public Screening


“In first-time leading lady Meninet Abraha Teferi, Espinosa has found a ferocious raw talent with piercing eyes and a powerful screen presence.”
Peter Debruge Variety 03/02/2024

Daniel Espinosa

Daniel Espinosa
Daniel Espinosa

Born in 1977, Daniel Espinosa is a Swedish film director of Chilean origin who graduated from
the National Film School of Denmark in 2001. He was brought to international recognition for his
enormously successful Swedish crime thriller, Easy Money (2010), which was followed by a series of
Hollywood box-office hits including Safe House (2012) and Life (2017). Madame Luna represents his
first European film since 2010.


  • Madame Luna 2024
  • Morbius 2022
  • Life 2017
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