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Sylke Enders
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School Female Director 12-19 2023 112 min Germany
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In post-unification Germany, a young female journalist investigates a troubling photograph

It is 1996 in the former East Germany: Dolly the sheep has just been cloned, Mercedes-Benz are readily available, and Western rock dominates the radio. Yet for Johanna, a young journalist at a local paper, money is scarce and past traumas linger. After the death of her grandmother, Johanna copes with grief by throwing herself into work. When an old photograph of a female concentration camp guard appears, she is compelled to investigate—but in uncovering another family’s difficult past, Johanna is forced to confront her own.

Sylke Enders is known for female-driven narratives and Schlamassel is no exception. The story unfolds almost entirely through women, and Mareike Beyrich’s memorable portrayal of Johanna—a complex, motorcycle-riding journalist by equal turns obstinate and passive—defies easy categorization.


Accessible from 15 years and over


  • Mareike Beykirch
  • Lore Stefanek
  • Michaela Caspar


  • Sylke Enders


  • Jakob Wehrmann


  • Robert Fuhrmann


  • Bert Wrede


  • Kathrin Heuser


Wednesday 06 March 2024 09:00
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Lieux : Ciné Utopia
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Screening : School Screening
Thursday 07 March 2024 09:00
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Lieux : CNA Dudelange
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Screening : School Screening

Sylke Enders

Sylke Enders
Sylke Enders

Born in the German Democratic Republic, Sylke Enders studied sociology before entering the Berlin Film and Television Academy. Known for both writing and directing films with strong female leads, she has received numerous awards including a Schloss Wiepersdorf fellowship (2023), Best Director Award for Women in the Film Industry (2014) and the Juliane Bartel Media Prize (2014). Her debut feature, Kroko (2003), won the German Film Award.


  • Schlamassel 2023
  • Pia Piano 2022
  • Lindenstraße (TV series) 2017
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