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The Sleeping Beast

Jaak Kilmi
School 12-19 2022 101 min Estonia
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A sinistre summer for a group of young friends

Kristjan and his best friends from the neighbourhood spend joyful summer days playing games and seeking adventure in an abandoned old factory. But when they are chased away from the grounds by Elmar, the seasoned grumpy security guard, a freak accident casts a dark shadow over the group. Subsequently, Kristjan is faced with the hardest decision of his young life.

The violence of the fairy tales has found its way back into the games of the children and as the line between fantasy and reality gets increasingly blurred, a sort of naïve romanticism and beauty still remains in their games. This is not a children’s film although I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to them.
Propos du réalisateur - Jaak Kilmi


  • Nils Jaagup England
  • Rebeka Kask
  • Laura Vahtre
  • Reimo Sagor
  • Evelin Võigemast
  • Andres Lepik


  • Aidi Vallik


  • Elen Lotman


  • Tanel Kadalipp
  • Kauri Lemberg


  • Karlis Auzans


  • Stellar Films


Friday 03 March 2023 09:00
Lieux : Cinémathèque
Audio : Estonian
Subtitles : German
Screening : School Screening

Jaak Kilmi

Jaak Kilmi
Jaak Kilmi

Jaak Kilmi is an award-winning director whose feature and documentary films have been acclaimed in his native Estonia as well as abroad. He graduated in directing from the Department of Culture of Tallinn Pedagogical University and began his career with a string of award-winning short films.


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