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We Students!

Rafiki Fariala
Artistic Collaborations Human Rights & Society Artistic Collaborations 2021 83 min Central African Republic, France, Saudi Arabia
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Rafiki shows us what life is like for students in the Central African Republic

Nestor, Aaron, Benjamin and Rafiki are economics undergraduates at the University of Bangui. Navigating between the overcrowded classrooms, the petty trades that allow students to survive, and bribery lurking everywhere, Rafiki shows us what students’ lives are like in the Central African Republic, a shattered society where young people keep dreaming of a brighter future for their country.

In collaboration with neimënster


  • Rafiki FARIALA


  • Rafiki FARIALA


  • Anne-Bertille Ndeysseit Vopiande
  • Aaron Koyasoukpengo
  • Kelly Dallet


  • Boris Lojkine


Fri 03 Mar 2023 19:00
Lieux : neimënster
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Screening : Press Screening

Rafiki Fariala

Rafiki Fariala
Rafiki Fariala

Born on November 17, 1997 in Uvira, Kivu (DRC), of Congolese parents, Rafiki Fariala arrived early in the Central African Republic, where his parents took refuge because of the war. Entirely self-taught, he started composing music, indeed, he became one of the promising figures of Bangui’s musical scene. In 2017, he was selected to take part in the documentary workshop organised in Bangui by Ateliers Varan. At the end of the workshop, he directed his first film, Mbi na Mo (2017). The film was selected at the Lausanne, Montréal, St Denis and Lille festivals and the Biarritz FIPADOC.


  • Nous, étudiants ! (Documentary) 2022
  • Mbi na mo (You and Me) (Short) 2017
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